For the House and Cottages

22 tricks for home that will help you out in everyday problems


Every day we are faced with various difficulties that we eliminate as we can. However, some tricks can help us with daily and rare household problems that cause inconvenience and take up a lot of our free time. We share with you useful household lifehacks!

Homemade stand

You need a stand, and the opportunity to buy it is not? Not a problem: make a simple copper wire stand in a couple of minutes.

Tip for farsighted

If you need to read the text, and the glasses stayed at home, then use the trick: make a small hole in the cardboard, thanks to which you can read the text.

Dry paint - no

To permanently get rid of a can of paint that has dried around the edges, take a nail and a hammer and make holes on the rim.

Council for fishermen

While fishing, glasses are often accidentally heated. To prevent this, attach pieces of expanded polystyrene to the arms.

Old glove

It can serve you faithfully if you use it as an organizer for tools.

Clamp on the stairs

To make it convenient to work on the stairs, attach a clamp that will hold your work tools to the edge.

Key hack for a drill key

Fasten the clothespin to the wire in order not to lose the key from the drill.

Soap for screws

To make the screws easier to enter the hole, you can use ordinary soap.

Work on the stairs

The metal base of the folder can be a kind of “hanger” for brushes, if you work on the stairs.

Chipped plywood

While cutting the plywood on it may remain chipped. Attaching the masking tape to it will solve this problem.

Heavy Duty Belts

To prevent a heavy-duty car from rolling back while climbing onto a sloping surface and prevent injury, fasten tight straps over the wheels.

Scratches on the facade

To prevent scratches on the front of the stairs, wear gloves on it.

Moving stones

You can move heavy stones with a simple design: two thick boards and tires.

Homemade opener

If there are no openers on hand, take a wooden plank, hammer a nail, as shown in the photo, and use it for a new purpose.

Simple Closer

Mousetrap is a simple and cheap door closer.

Unscrew the bolt without a key

If you didn’t have a key, make a simple construction with one more bolt and two nuts and unscrew the bolt without a key.

Neatly cut the paper from the roll

To carefully cut the paper, make an incision a few inches from the top - then the paper does not sag.

Rattle chain

It can be easily prevented by simply putting a rope through the chain.

Protect painted walls

Put a spatula under the hammer to protect the walls when removing nails.

Old hose - to deal

You can make a lightweight wall-mounted organizer using pieces of an old hose.

Improvised drainage

For drainage, you can use ordinary metal covers.

Kindle coals

To easily ignite the coals, put them in a milk box and close by, then make a fire.