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7 ways to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

It happens, at the most inappropriate moment, there are no necessary things at hand. For example, you want to open a bottle of wine, but can not find a corkscrew. There are many tips on what to do in this situation. A professional sommelier tried them out and demonstrated that not all life hacks work effectively. Here are 7 popular ways to remove a cork from a bottle.

Use a construction hook instead of a corkscrew

This fixture should be screwed into the cork and pulled over. Of the benefits can be noted simplicity in circulation. You do not need additional tools. The main thing is to find such a thing in the house.

Screw and pliers

These things can be found in a private apartment by a larger number of people. Twist the screw into the cork, and then pull it with pliers. Everything works perfectly.

Hammer and nail

The principle of operation is the same as with a screw. The method works, although it is slightly harder to implement than the previous one.

Knocking the bottle against the wall

Perhaps in theory everything should work, but in practice the method has shown itself to be ineffective. Maybe it was necessary to knock a lot longer?

Rope with knot

To begin with, it is necessary to make a hole in the traffic jam. Then, using a screwdriver and a hammer, place a rope with a knot in it at the end. The advantages of the method include the ability to control the speed of extraction of the tube. You can open the bottle without splashing.

Unscrew with a knife

Stick the knife blade into the cork, and then unscrew it from the bottle. This method can be called very neat - no spray.

Use pump

After making a hole in the cork, place the hose from the pump into it. With the help of air pressure the cork easily comes out of the bottle.

In the video you can learn more about all the tips and their results.