So that wool does not bite - life hacking, helping to achieve comfort

It's a shame when a purchased woolen thing starts to "show aggression", causing skin irritation. There are several ways to get rid of "prickly" or minimize it. There are among them both folk and those offered by the creators of household chemicals. Before you give someone a scarf with a hat or regret the loss of a sweater that has not become a favorite, it is worth trying to make the wool softer.

It is important to understand that the fine fibers that are in the composition of the wool thread are injected. They can be “neutralized” either by fluffing them up or by providing a tight fit to the main fiber.


With the task can cope air conditioner to soften the linen, but it must be applied under certain conditions. First of all, the funds need to be 2 times more than provided by the instruction.

Another important point: soak the product necessarily in warm water, and rinse - in the cold. Under the influence of alkali in combination with warm water, the fine pile softens, and once in the cold, it will lie more tightly against the main thread.

Indicative "headwash"

Indulge a woolen thing in full. To start, wash in your own shampoo, and then grease abundantly with hair balm and leave it alone for about 20 minutes. Then it remains only to rinse and dry well.

As grandma taught

Here are two ways at once, both of them relate to rinsing. Wash the thing as usual, but in the water for rinsing add vinegar and salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 10 liters of water. Rinse woolen things can be in water softened with glycerin. In this case, you will need a half-hour soak, and then a thorough rinse.

Mustard powder on guard of comfort

Immediately it is necessary to warn that this tool is suitable only for dark things. Mustard has its own color, which means it can change the color of the product. For processing, it is necessary to rinse the item in warm water with a handful of mustard powder, then rinse it in the usual one, squeeze it a little and dry it in a horizontal position.

Unfortunately, there is no universal way that is equally suitable for all varieties of wool. Much here depends on the structure of the fiber. Sometimes, to reduce the "spikiness" of wool products, it may be necessary to reprocess or apply several methods at once. And it also happens that without a thin blouse poddetoy under a sweater, or lining the cap still can not do.