The tricks of the use of multicooker. Why I did not know about it before!

Posted by: Тортыжка

The most important advantage of the slow cooker is not that it cooks more tasty, but that it cooks itself, without your presence!

She doesn't have many programs, but ... You can cook hundreds and thousands of different dishes. Skilled housewives did not teach her to just cross-stitch!

How to use the "non-program" multicooker:

  1. On the program "Quenching" for an hour you can boil milk. If from the refrigerator - then an hour and a half. Nobody escapes anywhere.
  2. On the same program for 5-6 hours, great melted milk is obtained.
  3. Casing pot thermos. Therefore, if fermented milk is fermented, then in the morning there will be a wonderful kefir (or ryazhenka from baked milk).
  4. In the "Steaming" mode, in 5 minutes, eggs are produced "in a bag", in 12 minutes - "hard boiled"
  5. On the "plov" mode, you get a marvelous stewed potato with golden toasted bottom (you don’t need to interfere and control - the smart pan itself knows when the potato is ready and goes into heating mode)
  6. On the mode of "stewing" absolutely beautiful stewed potatoes without frying the bottom.
  7. On the "Pilaf" mode, the laziest men make a sumptuous dinner of ready-made dumplings:
    A pound of frozen dumplings straight from the pack we pour into the pan, pour the floor with a glass of tap water, salt and put a spoonful of butter. Press the button and wait for the signal of readiness - do not interfere anything! Pelmeski one to one, with slightly toasted bottom. Now only those and will recognize - no pots with boiling water!
  8. On the "Baking" mode, fish and meat are perfectly fried.
  9. In the mode of "Quenching" for 12 hours, it turns out the most transparent fragrant jelly.
  10. On the mode of "Quenching" or "Buckwheat" you can make 2 dishes immediately-below a side dish (grits or potatoes) and at the top in a special basket, sausages. cutlets, meat, chicken .... Juice drips in the garnish and turns magically.
  11. In the mode of "stewing" for 1.5 hours, you can cook any of your favorite soup. You will be surprised at how transparent, undiluted and fragrant it is!
  12. On the "baking" mode fry the minced meat with onions. Then, on the "Pilaf" mode, put dry horns or feathers (a kind of pasta) in this stuffing, pour boiling water so that only the tips are sticking out, salt, mix and wait for the ready signal (the pan will determine it itself). Navy pasta to your table!

The list goes on and on ... One summary: if you have a family of different age, or small children. or diet is required, or there is no place for different cookers, cooks separately, or you go to the cottage, or you are very busy at work - a slow cooker for you.

Do not confuse it with a pressure cooker - these are different devices. Toon does not make faster - she does in your lack!

One function of the multicooker was not told: it keeps the dish hot for 13 hours. That is, if you put milk porridge at 12 at night, it is up to half past one, conditionally, you will be satisfied and it is hot until half past six and waits for it to be eaten. Ate half. The second half of the eaters is catching up, let's say, by 10 am - please, they also have hot porridge.

In the morning they laid a buckwheat, poured water on it, salted it, put on top 4 wieners and went to work. At lunch, the son came and had lunch hot - no need to warm, everything is ready. Then my husband came and also had lunch, everything was hot. The mistress herself draped in and ... immediately sat down at the table, she was also hot buckwheat!

And steam cutlet to boot. Pot washed. Tomorrow in the morning for 10 minutes we make pilaf: meat, onions, carrots, on top rice salt and spices. All day all are full.

You do not need a multicooker only in one case, if you have a housekeeper.