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No hassle: 7 clever tips on how to pack a suitcase

The trip is always associated with long and painful collections of things. In addition to not forgetting anything, you also need to collect bags and suitcases, compactly putting inside clothes, shoes and small items. Of course, this is not an easy task, and therefore knowledge of 7 cunning life hacks will be just the way!

Clothing + socks

It is possible to make a lot of such “rolls”, but they will take up little space. First put the T-shirt, inside it - for example, underwear, and put socks on top, as shown in the photo below. Begin to twist the "roll", and at the base tuck things into socks.

Button + costume jewelry

This secret will help to take in a safe and sound jewelry. Simply fasten the earrings in buttons, and then fold them into a bag.

Shoes + medical hat

This trick will help to take the shoes compactly, besides, protects other things from pollution. You can also put small objects inside the shoe, for example, toothpaste in a food film.

Toothpaste + food film

To prevent the toothpaste from opening up and staining the inside of the suitcase, unscrew the lid, pack it in a plastic wrap, return the lid to its place and cut off the excess.

Cosmetics + cotton pads

To make sure that cosmetics like powder and blush do not crumble in a suitcase, you should take a cotton pad, cut it to the size of cosmetics and put it inside.

Wires + Glasses Case

In the case for glasses is very convenient to store the wires. If they are compactly twisted, then a lot of wires will fit in one case.

Shirt + Belt

Fold the shirt, and in the neck, put the belt in a circle. So these two things will be compactly lying in a suitcase.