15 fashionable and elegant images with a long skirt

Elegant style in the image came from the aristocratic circles, where perfection, restraint, accuracy and high quality have always been in the dress. In this style there is a rule: the absence of "flashy" and "defiant" colors. And, as they say, classic and elegance will always be in fashion. Therefore, today we want to share with you a selection of 15 fashionable and elegant images with a long skirt.

Today more than ever relevant maxi-length skirts, which were presented at almost all fashion shows of designers.

The main thing is to choose a skirt according to the figure and skillfully combine it with blouses, tops, turtlenecks and jackets. Then she will emphasize your female attractiveness and elegance, having crushed all male representatives to felling.

A girl in a long skirt looks special: she wants to be called "lady", "madame" and even "princess"! In addition to creating a feminine and elegant look, long skirts perfectly mask the lower part of the figure, hiding the excessive fullness of the legs.

In the summer, long denim skirts look stylish.

And in a knitted skirt of a straight cut each woman will look stylish and feminine at any time of the year.

The tulle skirt is perfect for a walk in the park, a party or a festive event.

Natural fabrics - silk and velvet are particularly luxurious. In such a skirt is easy, comfortable and practical to be at any event.

Skirts with a train, in which the hem shortened in front and long to the floor, look elegant and original.

Remain beautiful and elegant in any situation - regardless of whether you go to work or birthday.