Design and Architecture

24 square meters on which all fit

Do you still think that it is impossible to accommodate everything you need for a comfortable stay in a small apartment? Looking at a unique wooden house with an area of ​​only 24 square meters, you may change your opinion or, at a minimum, take some of the ideas concerning the selection and placement of furniture into service.

The philosophy of the creators of this miracle house is the rational use of every inch of available space. Even a mini-courtyard can, if desired, free up by turning the table with benches into a good shop.

Directly at the entrance there was a place for a shoe stand. Immediately, on the terrace by the window there is a compact dining table with chairs.

Cross-jointing in combination with a light tree visually expand the space. Thanks to rounded shapes, the ceiling does not “hang”, and the walls do not “squeeze”.

The kitchen is a well thought out transformer cabinet. Retractable table, numerous shelves for appliances and utensils, and even an electric stove, hidden from prying eyes under the folding table top.

Narrow high TV stand visually makes the room taller.

If desired, it is easy to turn into an additional place to rest.

Located opposite the sofa unfolds, turning into a full double bed.

The bedroom is allocated separately. The bed here is not removed anywhere.

But it has a box with a spacious storage system.

There was a place in the room for the closet. One of the door leaves is intentionally divided into 2 parts.

This step allowed to place a bedside table next to the bed, complete with a pull-out section for thousands of small things.

A bathroom in the house is also available. Bath is replaced here with a comfortable shower.

And at the entrance there is a washstand located directly on the pedestal.

More complete information about a compact but comfortable home you will find in the video: