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Furniture from IKEA + a little imagination: a budget way to create a stylish interior

Easy-to-assemble, high-quality, relatively inexpensive and not burdened with additional details, IKEA furniture is ideal for diverse design projects. High functionality, practicality and the absence of any kind of decorative coatings makes furniture in demand. You can use other IKEA products for the implementation of creative plans.

Thanks to decorative lattices, the usual dresser became designer.

The most common coffee table can not only be painted in the desired color or varnished, but also supplemented with another table top.

If desired, a single bookcase can be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen. To paste it in the tone of the tile or curtain will not be difficult.

A regular sisal carpet will no longer be boring if you turn it over and repaint. Complemented by a stencil pattern, it will look completely different.

From a small table it is easy to make a comfortable soft stool. Upholstery can always pick up