Make a cozy thing for your home: a voluminous and beautiful flower pillow

You will need quite a bit of fabric, the very minimum of sewing skills, a little bit of time and patience to make an incredible, voluminous and very beautiful flower pillow with your own hands! It can be used as a decorative pillow for interior decoration or for its intended purpose. You don't need to count and scribble something on a sewing machine for a long time and with difficulty - the master class is very easy and understandable!

First of all, you will need to cut out the future flower petals (5 pieces, 2 pieces of fabric for each, only 10 blanks). To do this, on paper, sketch a sketch of a future petal, cut out of fabric.

Sew together the two halves, as shown in the photo below. Do the same with the other petals.

Also cut a circle from a fabric of a different color and stitch as shown in the photo below. It will take two such details (2 circles, respectively, 4 blanks).

Fill the workpiece with padding, sintepukhom or any other available filler, sew a hole.

Five received petals begin to sew together in a circle.

In the center stick on a hot glue gun circle.

Repeat the same on the other side - paste the second circle.

Also, at will, it is possible to cut out a leaf from green fabric.

Fill the sheet with padding polyester or any other material, sew up the hole.

Sew or glue between the petals.

And enjoy the result!

Here's how such a voluminous, beautiful and simple flower pillow looks in the interior:

Read more about the process of creating a beautiful flower pillow in the video below: