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A very interesting experiment: we make paint from ... foam

Have you ever tried to make paint from ... foam? That's right: polystyrene, dissolved in xylene, behaves like an ordinary varnish that can be used to coat wooden products. If you add color, you get a real paint. Rate a curious and unusual experiment, how you can make foam paint!

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For the work will need the following materials:

  • Styrofoam;
  • xylene;
  • dye;
  • golden powder;
  • plastic bucket.
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The work process is as follows:

1. Dissolve a piece of foam in xylene. We wait until the foam becomes transparent in xylene (depending on the density of the foam).

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2. Add color to the desired color. Also add golden powder (optional).

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3. The result is the usual varnish. They can cover wood products. The structure quickly dries, literally in 10 minutes one layer dries completely. Density is regulated by the amount of added foam in the composition. We give the composition to stand for some time and proceed to painting the wooden surface.

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4. On the degreased surface apply the resulting composition in several layers (2-3 optimal).

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5. Let dry and wonder the result!

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For more information about the experiment, see the video below: