The master

The use of skimmers is not intended. Stunning double-banged embroidery

This unusual variant of embroidery will suit any craftswoman, from beginner to pro.

Put the fabric in the hoop, attach a skimmer to the middle and use a pencil to make marks for the future pattern.

Sew the star pattern at the given points.

Stretch the thread in the middle of the resulting star. Putting the needle behind the adjacent beam, wind the thread at the base.

The result will be a beautiful volumetric rose.

Draw straight lines from distant marks to the rose. Draw the thread at the end of the line.

In the same place, place the needle under the fabric, pull it out from the point, throwing the thread. Pull it out to make a stitch.

At the tip you can add a bead. Repeat with remaining marks.

Draw a pencil outline of the future leaves.

Stretch the thread from the edge in the middle of one of the leaves. Pierce the base of the sheet with a needle and remove it slightly above the first stitch. Continue to climb up, filling the sheet. You can use a two-color thread for a surround effect.

Fill the other leaves in the same way. Embroidery is ready.

Detailed instructions in the video below.