10 easy ideas on how to make a boring sweater into a stylish thing

Are you familiar with the situation when you don’t have anything to wear, although the wardrobes are full of clothes? Instead of spending money on buying new things and throwing out old ones, you can remake an old sweater that gathers dust on the uppermost shelves of the closet. You will need only a little time, patience and creative mood!

Sweater necklace

An old, baggy sweater can be made stylish again by sewing or sticking a few rhinestones and beads.


Lacing perfectly emphasizes your slim and thin waist. Half an hour and a stylish party sweater is ready!

Tulle insert

The idea for the most romantic natures who lack airiness and lightness in the image.

Romantic bow

Favorite sweater out of fashion long ago? It does not matter. How about adding a stylish and romantic bow to it, adding playfulness to the outfit?


On such a new thing it will take you from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many brushes you want to sew on a sweater.

Open back

Such a sweater will make you a real star at any party - stylishly and simply performed!

From two old sweaters one new

Here you can show imagination and even do patchwork - create and create.

Stylish dress from a sweater and shirt

For this new thing you just need: scissors, thread, perhaps gum, pins for measurements. For extra extravagance, you can sew leather details on elbows or a belt.

Placer beads

All ingenious is simple. We take a sweater and sew beads and sequins.


No lace anywhere! Delicate lace inserts in the neckline and in the neckline will look especially elegant and fashionable.