Nontrivial idea: original mittens for two

Colds come, which means everyone will want more heat. This wonderful kit will provide it both literally and figuratively. In Norway, mittens are part of the national costumes of some regions. They are worn at special occasions, including the bride and groom at the wedding. This tradition led to the invention of an unusual pattern for knitting: double mittens in which lovers can hold hands.

It is best to connect two pairs of mittens (each separate) and one common, in which you can walk together. If you want to knit only a pair kit, take 500 meters of wool yarn (for additional mittens you will need about 300 more). Scandinavian mittens with traditional patterns are knitted in black and white, but you can choose your own colors and patterns.

You will need:

  • A set of 6 stocking knitting needles (or circular needles);
  • natural wool yarn (for the Scandinavian pattern, take two colors);
  • tapestry needle;

Traditionally, mittens knit thick jacquard knitting. The canvas should be tight, so that mittens are well protected hands from frost.

During knitting, on the seamy side of the mitten, rather long threads form, forming the main pattern. They should be intercepted through 2-3 loops so that the mittens are comfortable. To keep the threads from tangling, when changing colors, hold the primary color on top, and the additional one - on the bottom. The edge loops are knitted from threads of two colors.

You can knit mittens using a traditional jacquard pattern, or choose your own pattern. A large mitten is knitted from two different elastics (they must correspond to the size of a man's and a woman's hand), which later combine into a common detail.

Enjoy the winter in a wonderful company!

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