The standard of femininity, grace and freedom: Palazzo skirts for all occasions

Strictly speaking, the skirts of the palazzo look like skirts only visually. In fact, this is an unusual cut of trousers, which appeared in the 40s of the last century. Since then, the palazzo skirts-pants have become the benchmark of femininity, grace and freedom. The recognized beauties of world cinema, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were the first to try on the avant-garde style of the palazzo, to the general admiration of fashionistas.

The Italian meaning of the word "Palazzo" is spacious, beautiful, with many elegant details. That's right: the palazzo skirts look elegant and luxurious. Skirts, pants, like a phoenix, several times underwent oblivion and were born again. They are again in trend, in the classic version and with many variations. The skirts of the palazzo cover the waist and expand freely and smoothly downwards. The elegance of the lines provided by the freedom of movement makes this model universal, it is appropriate for all occasions. In the new birth, the skirts of the palazzo may consist of several elements, because multi-layered fashion.

Choose the model that best suits you, and you will look luxurious and irresistible!

The multi-layered skirt of the palazzo made of silk or other lightweight material is suitable for any figure. Flounces give sophistication and special charm.

The skirt attached to the trousers not only makes the image more feminine, but also elegantly drapes all the surpluses and shortcomings of the figure.

The palazzo skirt looks great with high heels, platform shoes or sneakers. Extending from the waist, it visually narrows the waist and lengthens the legs.

Patterns for the pattern

Additional pattern of split skirt, which can be used by stitching to the pants

Boho style

Chiffon skirt for yoga. It goes well with tight pants.

Dresses that blend beautifully with the palazzo style

Postage stamp with the image of models wearing palazzo skirts and trousers.