Awesome do-it-yourself pillow-knot: photo and master class

Wonderful, very beautiful and original pillow-knot will be the highlight of any interior! The original appearance makes this pillow a great decor, which can also be given to someone. Made with his own hand, the pillow-knot is a unique and amazing addition to any interior. Let's try to do it yourself!

For work you will need:

  • knitted fabric 1 m * 1.5 m;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • thread with a needle;
  • filler (sintepukh, sintepon, etc.);
  • any pipe (PVC or hand-made from tubes).

Getting Started:

1. We fold the fabric in half and unfold it to one side, which is 1 m. Cut into 4 equal strips approximately 17 cm wide.

2. We sew two strips along the edge, so from four five-meter strips we get two three-meter ones.

3. Fold each lane along in half and stitch along the edge (there will be a very long line!).

4. Turning the two pipes inside out. We take any pipe (for example, in the MK a girl made a pipe from several tubes of foil glued together with tape), insert it into the fabric and pick it up.

5. Fill with synthetic fluff.

6. Tuck the edges of the two filled tubes and connect them together with an invisible secret seam.

7. It remains only to tie the resulting long tube into an ordinary flat knot (see details in the video below).

Here is a pillow node obtained at the end of the work:

For details on how to sew and tie a pillow-knot, see the detailed video below: