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Ideas for storing shoes for any budget: good examples of space organization

The question of where to put the shoes off seasonally or where to place several pairs of shoes and sandals at once, and in addition to them sneakers with guest slippers, often comes to the fore. The more household members, the more relevant it is. To be limited to one or two pairs per season is not an option. It is much more correct to come up with convenient storage systems in which the shoes will be in the access zone, but will not bother anyone. Much depends on the availability of space and even the shape of the room. Retractable and folding boxes, carousel, pendants with pockets, open and closed shelves of different height and width - all this can become part of a well-designed environment. Options for successful placement of shoes weight. There are among them both budget and those that will require some investments. It remains only to choose the one that suits you best or come up with your own.