For the House and Cottages

15 useful tips for hostesses


No matter how easily you do your household chores, you can always get a couple of tips and learn something new. Without further ado, go to useful life hacking.

Magnet for brushes

Instead of leaning the brush against a piece of paper, attach a U-shaped magnet to the paint container. You can use it to hold the brush inside the jar.


It will be easier to move the furniture using cardboard packaging from products under the legs. In addition, you will not scratch the coating.

Envelope opening

Sealed envelope, forgetting to put inside something important? Use the iron in steam mode. Wrap the envelope in a towel and iron it, it will open easily.

Nail holder

When working with small nails, it is difficult not to slip a hammer on a finger. Use a cardboard box or tip from a matchbox to hold the stud.

Pulling out nails

If you pull out the nails, the surface may be damaged by pressing the nail puller firmly. Glue the fastening tape to its top to create a soft layer.

Onion cutting

Use two forks to hold the onion while you are cutting it.

Smartphone screen cleaning

Spread a small amount of toothpaste on the screen and remove with a soft cloth, polishing it.

Shoe polishing

Cut the lemon in half and rub into the skin. Remove excess paper towel.

Fresh flowers

Extend the freshness of cut flowers by placing their stems in the potatoes.

Cooling drinks

Wrap the bottle in a kitchen towel, place in a bowl and leave it under running cold water for a couple of minutes.

Cutting bread

If you want to cut bread into very thin slices, type boiling water in a small bowl. Dip a knife into it, quickly wipe it from water and cut off a slice of bread.

Boiling eggs

When cooking slightly cracked eggs, an unpleasant mess is obtained. But you can avoid it by adding a little vinegar to the water.

Interior doors

If the door is dry, glue a few pieces of cork to a slightly smaller piece. Keep it closed until the glue dries.

Bottle washing

Pour in hot water, add dishwashing detergent and some sand. Close and shake well to rinse the bottle inside.

Stuck glasses

"Glued" glasses can be separated by typing some cold water in the top, and dipping the bottom in hot.