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The best companion plants for strawberries

Strawberry is a beautiful berry that many people love. And planting it on the plot allows you to enjoy it all season. Despite the fairly simple growth process, it can be improved, and therefore, to get more yield. One way is to plant a number of companion plants. They will help fight pests, improve the taste characteristics of the berries and its quantity.

Cucumber Herb - Strawberry's Best Friend

Cucumber herb can be considered the best companion for strawberries. Many gardeners claim that the neighborhood helps to improve the taste of the berries, as well as its quantity.

Cucumber herb perfectly fights pests, attracting their enemies. But the bees really like her flowers, which can also pollinate strawberry flowers, increasing the harvest.

However, it is important to plant cucumber on the north side of the strawberries. It grows quickly and can block the sun berry.

Increase yields

Lupins are representatives of the legume family, they work as nitrogen scavengers from the air, redirecting it to the soil. Nitrogen is one of the favorite substances of strawberries.

Lettuce and spinach. It is recommended to plant both herbaceous plants next to strawberries. In this neighborhood, you will get the best harvest from three at once.

Pest control

Cumin attracts insect riders who lay eggs in the bodies of other organisms. In particular, they become aphids and a number of other pests that are dangerous to strawberries.

Garlic and onions work as an anti-freshener. Their smell is unpleasant to a variety of insects. This aphid, fleas and weevils.

Thyme is a great companion for scaring strawberry caterpillars. It also attracts talkers that feed on aphids, caterpillars and thrips.

Dill / fennel / coriander / sage - all these herbs will not allow slugs to strawberries, which is especially important when you first plant.

Strawberry dangerous plants

As you can see, there are a number of companion plants for strawberries. But not every "neighbor" she will like.

Cabbage. One of the worst neighborhoods will be the neighborhood with the cabbage family. Both plants in this case will bring a smaller harvest.

If you discovered a fungus on some plants last season, you should not plant strawberries next to them. She is very vulnerable to this defeat. It is better to take a break of five years for this stretch of soil.