For the House and Cottages

Baby jars for complementary foods: practical ideas for their use in the home

When a baby begins to taste adult food, a multitude of tiny jars of durable, high-quality glass appear in the house. For jam and pickles, they are not enough, but the hand does not rise to throw away. See how much beautiful and useful things you can make of them for the house!

The find for the kitchen

Write the names of the spices with a marker, or attach stylish labels.

For lovers of sewing

Double use: from above - a pillow for needles, from below - capacity for buttons, coils and other trifles.

Beading lovers

Now you do not need to buy a special organizer for beads.

For workshop

It is convenient to store small nails, screws and nuts in jars.

Jelly molds

Just pour the mass for jelly into clean jars and wait until the treat hardens!

Cheesecake molds

Put crushed biscuits mixed with melted butter on the bottom, whipped sweet cream with Mascarpone cheese or soft cottage cheese on top. Soak in the refrigerator for several hours, and before serving, pour the jam.

Cocktail glasses

Organizer for small things

Suitable for hairpins, scrunchies, cotton swabs.

Lamps and chandeliers

For a country party, do not use light bulbs, but candles:

Create a miniature garden and vegetable garden on your windowsill!

Jars suitable for flowers

... seedlings and greens

... and for succulents!

Or just pour water into a jar and place a bulb in it.

Photo Frame Covers

The double memory of the first year of life is a lid from a jar for complementary foods, and in it is a photo of a baby!

Air freshener

Put 15 drops of your favorite aroma oil on the bottom of the jar, top with water and gelatin and salt dissolved in it (take half a cup of water 1 bag of gelatin and half a teaspoon of salt), shake and cool. When the fragrant jelly hardens, the air freshener is ready!

Exclusive candles

You will need wax, wick, some aroma oil and your imagination!

Capacity for matches

All ingenious is simple. And glue a piece of sandpaper to the lid to light the matches.

Glasses for pencils

Also seemingly easy. And before did not occur!

Christmas decoration

Attach a Christmas tree or other Christmas figure to the inside of the lid, put the sparkle in the jar, cover it with water and glycerin, and close the lid.

Sweet gift for guests

Spread colored marmalades, jelly beans and other sweets over the banks. Decorate the cap to your liking.

Original vases for flowers

Now you do not have to wrestle with what to put a miniature spring bouquet of snowdrops or violets. Just dip the jars in the paint ...

Feeding trough and drinking bowl for birds

Decorate the jars to your liking, hang them on a branch with wire and pour the seeds

... or pour water.

Artificial aquarium

Put soil or sand on the bottom, add seashells and pebbles, insert artificial algae and cover with water. And start to swim plasticine fish.

And the real terrarium!

Original Star Decor

Make stars out of colored paper or from the multi-colored pages of the magazine and put them in a jar. This simple but colorful element of decoration will decorate your desktop or bookshelf.

Fairytale house

A box of colored plasticine will help you turn the jar into a dwarf or fairy home.

Napkin holder

Take a high jar for feeding. Make a cut in the lid. Fold the napkins, insert into the jar, pass the central napkin through the slot in the lid.

Piggy bank

Trifle lying around the house? It's time to find a place for her, and there, you see, and save up for a dream!