For the House and Cottages

Organize the beds in a completely new way.


Not much time left before the summer season. If you treat those who like to spend time at the cottage, be sure to take care of your convenience and comfort. Favorite cottage should bring joy, and not harm health. Use new ideas, and make the beds comfortable.

Save space on the plot

Standards suburban areas developed many years ago. The cottage was needed, first of all, in order to help the family budget. It was not supposed that the person would build a bathhouse on the site or organize a pool. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of your few hundred, do not neglect the vertical landings.

This can be a very simple solution using plastic bottles.

You can purchase special modules of vertical gardening.

And you can use the materials at hand, such as PVC pipes.

One of the easiest ways to vertical landings - the organization of the design of wooden boxes.

You can take on a more complex project, and build metal containers. As the source used ebbs for the roof.

Arrange beds that are easy to weed

Unfortunately, work in the garden is not limited to planting and harvesting. Beds need to weed. And this process can be not only tedious, but even dangerous for the spine. Do not stand over your landings in an uncomfortable position. Instead, raise the beds above the ground. You will be able to do all the work, sitting on a bench or on the fence.

There are many examples of gardening this way. It is important to leave the width of the beds so that you reach at least the middle with your hand.

They will not only facilitate weeding, but also make the garden more beautiful.

Start by choosing a form. You can make regular rectangles, or something more interesting.

Cover the lower part with a fine mesh to protect the landing from the attack of rodents.

The bottom can be sent by cardboard or agrofibre. So in the soil there will be less weeds.

Fill the crates with soil and fertilizer. If the height of the boards is large enough, you can use a strip of branches or small debris.

Several plants in tubs were placed in the center of the composition.

Protection of beds is necessary not only from below, but also from above. Such a net will save planting from cats in a safe way for plants.

Bumpers can be made from any material.

Beds for the most lazy

Even if you do not like to weed at all - this is no reason to abandon the garden. After all, agrofibre allows planting that does not require weeding.

The fiber does not give the weeds a chance to germinate. After all, it completely covers the garden, and saplings of useful plants are placed in special slots.

Agrofibre helps the soil retain moisture. It is ideal for beds with strawberries, because it prevents the breeding of whiskers.

Use all the most progressive ideas, and you will have enough time not only for the garden, but also for rest.