The secret of the birth of an openwork candle: just like all brilliant

Decorative candles always add romance to the setting. Just imagine how much more emotion you can get from the realization that not without grace openwork candles are made by yourself. You need very little time to work, the costs are also small, and the result is beyond praise.

Creating an openwork candle step by step

For work you will need:

  • conventional paraffin candles or paraffin wax;
  • a few drops of essential oil;
  • dye (wax crayons do an excellent job with this task);
  • wick (they can be a twisted string of string or string of suitable diameter);
  • wick holder (it is easy to replace it with a piece of wire and even a skewer);
  • ready ice;
  • mold (anything can fit: from plastic cups to cut-off tetrapacks or pieces of pipes, complemented by a foil bottom).

The crushed paraffin and dye are melted in a water bath and at the end add a few drops of essential oil. We fix the wick in the holder and fix the tip at the bottom of the form. To do this, you can drop a paraffin droplet into the form or pierce it from the side with a needle from a syringe or a toothpick, string it and place it in the middle. The top edge of the wick is easiest to screw on a pencil.

Grind the ice with a blender or a hammer to beat the meat. Then as soon as possible pour ice chips into a mold and fill it with hot paraffin.

Openwork candles can be a special decoration of the holiday or a self-sufficient gift. If desired, candles can be made even two-color. In more detail about the creation of openwork candles in the video: