Pencil skirt. What to wear, how to combine, the best images


Back in 1954 in the autumn-winter collection, the world-famous Christian Dior presented the fashionable world with a stylish and comfortable pencil skirt. The forerunner of today's fashionable pencil skirt is narrow "Lame" skirt (hobble skirt), created in the early 20th century by fashion designer Paul Poiret.

Inspired by Russian ballet and ballet costumes, Paul Poiret began introducing narrow skirts into fashion collections. The name of the “lame” skirt was not accidental: the tight skirt noticeably changed the gait of women, literally “fettered” their legs, which gave it such a distinctive name.

Christian Dior presented the classic pencil skirt to the fashionable world during the 1954 fall-winter collection. The skirt began to enjoy enviable popularity, especially among women working in offices. The success of the pencil skirt was partly due to fatigue after the Second World War and women's interest in new fashion trends.

Pencil Skirt Images: Top 10 Ideas

Today the pencil skirt still does not go out of fashion as a classic and always relevant, helping to create a seductive, but at the same time moderately strict image. She successfully emphasizes the figure and hides minor flaws. They wear such a skirt not only in the office: with its help you can create a feminine and charming image that corresponds to a specific setting. This can be either a custom denim narrow and a classic lightweight black pencil skirt.


A chic denim skirt is a great addition to a summer wardrobe! To complement the image, you can refer to the vintage fashion. Sweaters, blouses, sweaters and tops go well with a denim skirt.


Looking for an elegant wardrobe complement? Pay attention to the elegant leather skirt. It is equally well suited for office work as well as for everyday wear. With its help you can create an elegant and strict, or, on the contrary, a festive and unusual image.

With floral print

Floral print can successfully diversify an ordinary skirt and give it a piquancy. If a skirt with a bright floral print is chosen, then it is desirable to balance the “top” with one-color neutral clothes!

With glitter

If diamonds are best friends of girls, then skirts with sparkles are probably their special, secret love. Long and narrow pencil skirts with iridescent sequins look festive, extraordinarily beautiful and simply dazzling! Of course, an image with a shiny skirt requires special attention and a competent combination of clothes and accessories. Here are some good examples:


Trendy, ultra-woven fabric - lace - has long been used to create women's clothing and accessories. A lace pencil skirt is elegance and sophistication, mystery and fragility. It is perfect for creating a classic and casual look.

* For needlewomen we have a master class.


The cage is still in fashion because it is a great way to create a chic image of a modern working woman. The cage of different size and color can be combined with a denim shirt, tight-fitting blouse, loose shirt and a warm knitted jacket.


For tall women, an elongated skirt is a real find! It helps to emphasize the beauty of long legs and many other advantages of a female figure. The elongated skirt usually comes to the ankles or midcalf. With it you can wear both high heel shoes and lightweight sneakers, depending on the type of skirt itself.


As they say, "Women who wear black live a vibrant life". There is nothing more classic than a black skirt or a little black dress. The black pencil skirt can be straight or tight, with or without a slit, loose or narrow. It is noteworthy that with its help you can create not only a classic, but also a festive, and everyday look - everything depends on the combination of “top” and the type of black skirt.


Delicate and exceptionally feminine white skirt looks very fresh and at the same time simple. She well emphasizes the figure and softens the image. A simple white skirt can be combined with both a dark and light top, depending on what effect you want to get.


Fashionistas who are not afraid of bright colors, can look at the color option. Red, blue, yellow, green, blue and not only a pencil skirt diversify the wardrobe palette and bring novelty to a casual look. Of course, such a skirt should be combined in color with the top to create a complete and harmonious look! Here are some good examples:

How to wear a pencil skirt

  • To create a modern fashionable look, choose a skirt no longer than a knee;
  • Combine non-standard types of skirts, such as leather, shiny and lace, with a simple monophonic "top";
  • Emphasize the feminine image by adding heels to the skirt.