For the House and Cottages

Successful ways to create supports for arranging the beds in the country

With the onset of heat, the issue of arranging beds is becoming increasingly relevant. If for stunted crops it is enough to prepare the soil, then for wobbling and tall ones it is also worth taking care of the trellis organization. Under the grapes make them as important as a cucumber or zucchini. By the way will have support for tomatoes. Decorative pumpkin, legumes, diverse curly flowers - all this can be the pride of the owners, and at the same time a special decoration of the site. Old ladders, frames, pallets, pieces of the grid, branches left after thinning trees, which became useless for fishing rods, willow - this is not a complete list of what you can build supports from. They may be different in appearance and functionality. Straight, oblique or arched type, they are all in demand for certain cultures. There are quite a few successfully implemented ideas, here are just some of them.