For the plot

Easy and cheap way to make a pond on the plot

The process of creating a small reservoir on the site is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is not necessary to invite experts or buy expensive materials. The first thing to do is to determine the size and location of the pond on the site. Preliminary it is necessary to clarify whether the legislation of the region has restrictions on this subject. The second thing that needs to be decided is whether the reservoir will be decorative or whether fish will settle in it. The second option, of course, is more laborious and requires complex care in the future. After the place and size of the future structure is approved, we begin to dig the ground to the desired depth.

Then it is necessary to lay out the softening material so that the artificial “bottom” of the reservoir is not damaged by stones, roots or other sharp objects that may end up in the ground. You can use old newspapers, sand, or even a leaky carpet as a cushioning pad. Over the chosen material the dense film keeps within. It is better to buy it with a margin so that free edges remain on the surface.

For two nights, water is poured onto a third or half of the depression to allow a soft cushion to sag, and only after that the excess film is cut off. Now you can start decorating the walls and bottom of the pond and facing the edge. Anything can be used as a material - chipped tiles, stones, pebbles, bricks, slate, boards and any other construction waste.

Plants can be planted on top. If you want to make a pond with a fountain, then you will need to install a pump in the water.