Note: 7 skirts that every woman needs

Each of these seven skirts should be worn at least a couple of times!

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are now in fashion again, but we have not included them in the list for this reason: such a women's skirt (only, of course, of reasonable length) looks good on almost any type of figure. In addition, it is able to magically remove the volume from the hips, and add it if necessary.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is needed not only for office workers, but for every fashionable girl in general. It is not necessary to buy it in black and the classic model - it can be, for example, dark green or blue and with a slit in front. This skirt visually slims, and, in addition, men consider it one of the sexiest items of women's wardrobe.

Denim skirt

Denim skirts are also in trend now, but in principle it’s worth getting to every girl. Let it be a "traditional" denim color, without too much decor and bleached parts. But choose the model of this skirt for women, depending on your figure - we vote for jeans mini, A-silhouette midi with buttons and pencil skirts.

New look skirt

New look is a synonym for femininity, so you should buy not only a dress of such a silhouette, but also a skirt. You can enter it in both strict classical images (complementing blouses, shirts and turtlenecks), and more democratic ones (with sweatshirts, T-shirts or crop tops).

Midi skirt

Midi, which is also called French length, is suitable for any girl, regardless of height, weight and shape of legs - no other length can so expressively emphasize elegant ankles and ankles. Stylish midi skirts go well with heels and flat sole and are suitable for any occasion.

Wraped skirt

The skirt with the smell very well pulls the figure and in addition looks playful and feminine. Wearing it once, instantly become a devoted fan of this style, and in addition, you can acquire such a skirt and in a light summer version, and in a warmer one - from thick fabric.

Leather skirt

It can be both from a genuine leather, and from artificial, but at least once you have to walk a leather skirt! She is sexy, eye-catching and makes every image modern in a good sense. The main thing is not to wear too short-fitting models - they will look vulgar. But a leather pencil skirt, a pleated version or a new look midi length will be a great choice!