Photos of women, changing ideas about beauty

Michaela Nokos, a Romanian photographer who travels around the world since 2013 as part of his Atlas of Beauty project, and makes portraits of women of different ages and nationalities. The artist collects stories about the life of women, and has already visited 60 different countries to show the world her view of the beautiful.

Michaela set her goal to convey to her audience that every woman shines like a star, even if she does not look like a model from a glossy magazine. According to the artist, beauty does not depend on age, clothing size or skin color. It can be found in Africa and Europe, in the village and the skyscraper of a big city, in a piercing gaze, and wrinkles that hold the imprint of life experience. Beauty radiates from the heart of man.

The result of the project "Atlas of Beauty" was a book with more than 500 portraits and many interesting stories. At a time when hatred and intolerance flourish in the world, Michaela encourages humanity to love and accept otherness. In her opinion, diversity is a real treasure, and should not be a trigger for conflict and hostility. The photographer believes that all people, despite the differences, are part of the same family, and hopes that his book will fall into the hands of people around the world.

# 1 Kathmandu, Nepal

A photographer met a girl named Sona during the Holi celebration.

No. 2 Ethiopia

The girl in the photo is a Muslim, on the terrace of her Christian friend. During her trip to Ethiopia, the artist admired the friendly relations between the representatives of these faiths, and was glad that religion did not share them.

№3 Baku, Azerbaijan

In a patriarchal society, many women are still afraid to take pictures without the permission of their husband or father, but everything changes. More and more Azerbaijani women are fighting for gender equality, and although there are few of them today, changes in society are irreversible. Fadan is one of those who choose a relationship with a man based on the principles of equality and mutual respect.

№4 Tehran, Iran

Masha, a beginner graphic designer, is proud to be financially independent from the moment she reaches her majority.

№5 Rainforests of the Amazon

The girl in the wedding dress.

№6 Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

A girl working in a field in one of the most remote places in the world.

№7 Kathmandu, Nepal

Mihaëla met this woman accompanied by her son. The boy understood English, so the photographer asked permission to photograph his mother. To the question "why," she replied: "because she is beautiful." The boy smiled and agreed: "Yes, it is."

№8 Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Maria was selling vegetables on the market in a small village.

№9 Pohara, Nepal

On Sunday, the inhabitants of Pohara usually rest on Phewa lake. It was there, in 2015, this photo was taken.

№10 Idomeni refugee camp, Greece

Mother and her daughters, escaped from the war in Syria.

№11 Nampan, Myanmar

This cute old lady photographer met in the local market

№12 Reykjavík, Iceland

Torun unites Icelandic women in a popular online community.

№13 Korolev, Russia

Nastya works as a photographer and takes photos on documents in a small shop, but dreams of photographing landscapes around the world.

№14 Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, many people of different nations live in harmony with each other. The girl Daniela in the photo has Angolan roots.

№15 Havana, Cuba

Actress or model? No, she just wants to finish school and become a nurse.

№16 Bucharest, Romania

In 2005, Magda experienced a terrible accident. Unfortunately, in many countries people with disabilities are doomed to isolation. While traveling in many countries, the photographer noted that in some of them it is impossible to meet a person in a wheelchair in a public place. And the reason for this is the lack of equipped without a barrier environment. Magda is one of those who want to fix it.

№17 Pushkar, India

Traveling around the world, Michaela was glad to meet women in the ranks of law enforcement services.

№18 Omo Valley, Ethiopia

This girl from the Daasan tribe lives in constant heat. Therefore, nudity in these places is not unusual.

№19 Berlin, Germany

Anais has a mother from Mali, and a father from France. She considers herself European and Asian at the same time.

№20 Zurich, Switzerland

The difference in the age of the sisters of Patrice and Rebecca is only a year. The sisters said that in childhood they were ridiculed because of red hair, and this made them very close. The photographer believes that there is something magical about the girls she met at the Türikh Central Station.

No. 21 Belgian of Polish origin

Anya dreams of becoming a member of the Paralympic Games.

№22 Ulan Bator, Mongolia

The girl in the national Mongolian costume, which is called Dil.

№23 Tibetan Plateau

The photographer noted that this mother of two children was one of the most graceful women she met. She did the cleaning in her house, and she also had decorations on her.

№24 Syria

A young Yezidi girl from Kurdistan photographer met in a refugee camp in Iraq. Hase is lucky that she is alive and can learn. Unfortunately, six of her little cousins ​​were killed in the attack on a village in Syria.

№25 Paris, France

Imani has African and European roots, and she dreams of opening an art gallery where artists from all over the world can exhibit.

№26 Timisoara, Romania

Alice marks the end of the university.

№27 Kathmandu, Nepal

In our beautiful world, diversity is one of the greatest gifts, although in recent years people’s intolerance towards each other has grown. Michaela encourages people not to lose hope and to believe that there is more good in the world than hate. We need to make the world better for our children.

№28 Milan, Italy

Barbara is supporting her daughter Catherine in everything, who does ballet.

№29 Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Many women carry a heavy burden every day, including literally. And they do it like a beautiful old lady from Guatemala in the photo, with tenderness and a smile.

№30 Guatemala

Beautiful family in dresses with one ornament, which was embroidered by their mother.

№31 Idomeni, Greece

The photographer met this brave mother of three children in the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece. She fled from her hometown in Iraq, which was under the control of ISIS. The woman has come a long way to Europe, having spent all her savings to ensure the safety of her children.

№32 Istanbul, Turkey

Pinar actress in the theater. And if she likes to play different roles on stage, she prefers to be herself in life - natural and free.

№33 Tbilisi, Georgia

Natia from Tbilisi is studying to be a lawyer and dreams of becoming a criminologist. Her dream is to ever get a job at the FBI. In the meantime, the girl lives on a scholarship and works in a coffee shop.

№34 Cuenca, Ecuador

A moment of tenderness while cooking dinner.

No. 35 Berlin, Germany

This young German girl tries to travel whenever possible.

No. 36 Jodhpur, India

For India, trains are peculiar arteries that ensure the life of the country. Every day, trains carry about twenty million people. Twenty million different stories ... The photographer did not have time to hear the story of this woman, since the train left the platform as soon as the photo was taken.