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For the House and Cottages

Cheap eternal candle with your own hands that will burn for more than 100 hours

An ordinary candle ends fairly quickly, and this is especially noticeable when you use them often. Constantly spend money on buying new candles - an unnecessarily expensive job. Today we will tell how to make a cheap "eternal" candle with your own hands, which will burn for at least 100 hours! To create it, you will need very inexpensive and simple materials that will be several times less in terms of real money than buying ordinary candles.
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Night lamp for a stylish interior: a fabulous hut made of waste materials

What some consider to be rubbish, others can turn into a masterpiece. You can add zest to the situation without spending a penny. Proof of this original lamp in the form of a house. A pair of old plastic bottles, packing cardboard and sleeves of towels and toilet paper, egg trays, newspapers - all this in the hands of a creative person turns into invaluable material for creativity.
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